Old Bohemian Specials

250g Duck Leg Roasted with Apple, with Braised Red Cabbage and Old Bohemian Dumplings 289,-
200g Traditional Bubeniek goulash from beef shin with home-made potato pancakes and fresh onion 249,-
200g Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce with Karlsbad Dumplings and Cranberries 249,-
300g Double Wiener Schnitzel Made from Roasted Pork Meat with Masher Potatoes and Spring Onion 299,-
200g Pieces of pork back side baked with Pilsner lager , garlic and onion, served with home- made dumplings sand braised white cabbage 235,-
150g Spicy pork strips with tomatoes and peppers filled in potato pancake 229,-

Traditional Pork Roast

1 Piece of Crispy Roast Pork Hind Hock (1kg), served with Sauerkraut, Mustard and Horseradish 425,-
500g Roast Pork Ribs, marinated in Piquant Spice Mix, served with Tomato Salsa, Mustard and Goat Horn Pepper 269,-

Meatless Meals

Grilled Pieces of Eggplant, Zucchini, Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers, with Olive Oil, Rosemary and Sea Salt, served with Chilled Sauce made from Mascarpone and Lemon Juice 225,-


Cream Sauce with Green Pepper and White Wine 35,-
Cranberry Sauce with a Drop of Port Wine 35,-
Cream Sauce with Blue Cheese 35,-
Wild Mushroom Sauce with Fresh Thyme 35,-

Side Dishes (1 Portion)

Homemade Potato Pancakes 35,-
French Fries 35,-
Boiled Potatoes with Butter and Chives 35,-
Stewed Rice 35,-
Mashed Potatoes with Smoked Meat and Green Onion 35,-
Homemade Cream Potatoes 35,-
Baguette Grilled with Garlic Butter 35,-
Buttered Corn 35,-
Spinach Leaves with a drop of Cream 35,-
Boiled Broccoli 35,-
Buttered Green Beans 35,-
Carlsbad Dumplings 35,-
Old Bohemian Dumplings 35,-
Homemade Potato Dumplings 35,-
Rustic Potato Salad with Onion and Olive Oil 35,-
Bread or Buns 35,-

Homemade Desserts

Old Bohemian Aplle Strudel with Walnuts and Raisins, served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream 119,-

The Meat Weight is stated in its Uncooked State. We point out that there is a Waiting Time of about 30 Minutes when combining Short Order Dishes with Ready Meals. Prices are stated without Side Dishes. Contract Price.


Closed because of the RECONSTRUCTION

We are sorry, but we are closed because of the reconstruction. Until further notice.


Food delivery service

We offer a food delivery service. We will bring you our daily menu dishes in the Prague 2 district free of charge!

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